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If you ask the girls' primary school, which cartoons they like best, then, in practice, the vast majority will tell you that "Winx".Also, this show called Winx Club.That this show is the most favorite cartoon in modern young girls.This episode tells us about interesting adventures Winx fairies attending various magic tricks and magic in a special school.They are taught that they are kept in the fairy world and the realm of good!And that in fact evil witches awake and try to win our beauties witches.But to defeat them is not easy.Gamers already know that games of Winx just a huge number.Sometimes it seems that hundreds of thousands of different flash games, about half - it's a game with Winx fairies.Of course, this is a mistake, games on another subject is also quite a lot, but the amount of games, Winx games occupy a leading position.Judge for yourself, there are dress up games Winx and Winx coloring, and games for each season of the animated series Winx Club, and many other games.Not ignored and games Winx girls games, which are particularly popular.In adventure games like to play everything: boys and girls, growns and kids!This is a very popular category of games where the gamer controls the main character, and trying to hold it from point "A" to point "B" to go to the next level.And even more enjoyable to play, if the main character is your favorite Winx fairy, who simply adore the most modern girls!Throughout the journey sorceress Winx will pass a number of challenges, and meet with the evil witches.It is at such moments will remember all the things taught in the School of fairies, and how to defeat the evil magic.And you are sure to get it, because the good must always overcome evil!Winx games are a classic fairy tale adventure.Play it more fun than watching cartoons.Judge for yourself: on TV you just look and watch for heroines, and in the game you are directly involved in their adventures, and you can do just as much as you think is right!Now, girls who have had time to learn about our site flash games, will be able to learn magic tricks, stand up for justice, fight for good and save the world!We can only wish you a successful adventure with your favorite heroines of Winx!

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