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As you know, one company is good, two - much better.Perhaps for this reason, and there was an association between the Winx and Bratz.Many recognize that the cartoon series "Winx" and "brothers" are the most successful and popular among young children, not only in the last decade, but in the history of cartoons.However that may be, the children continue with enviable regularity and look at some, and for others, as well as play games with their participation.So why not join such popular characters in one game?And there were games Winx and Bratz.In one game, you can enjoy all your favorite cartoon character.It should tell us more about each of them.For example, the "brothers" - a group of fashionable girls.Their name is Chloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Jade and Roxy.Every girl has a story and the character.Probably every girl will find something different in one of these characters.They have everything that interests the modern young girls.No less popular are pretty Winx fairies from the animated series called "Winx".They not only learn the basics of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but also protect your kingdom from evil witches - their main enemies.The team can meet six Winx fairies.Among them, kind and clever fairy named Flora, which is a real fan of anything related to nature.She loves beauty and harmony.There is also a red-haired beauty Bloom.She flew from the planet Domino, which was captured by black magicians.There is a sports girl Aisha, a beautiful Stella, merry Muse, and a fan of electronic techno.All these girls are not only engaged in magic, but like any other dream of friendship and first love.Together with your favorite heroines once their two favorite cartoons, you can plunge into the magic world with a fabulous and romantic atmosphere.Playing games with the Bratz and Winx, you can forget all the trouble and allow you to create a special mood, which will promote the development of good taste, imagination, intuition, and, of course, a sense of justice.We will not disclose the details of games with the characters of two cartoons, let it be a surprise.Just to say that these games are doubly interesting, and doubly exciting, and doubly useful!Welcome to our website, where you can play along with the Winx and Bratz for free!We are waiting for you on our site where you will find many games with different subjects.Good you games!

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