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Games Garfield

He is lazy, cynical, and in general, he's just a fat cat.However, in spite of this he is the favorite cat of all America!It is, of course, of Garfield, who had to please the public, not only in the U.S. but in other countries around the world, including in Russia.For the first time we saw him in 2004, when he left the same film.Originally, the film was intended to make a cartoon cat Garfield on the background of real characters.But quite the opposite happened: cartoon cat was very much alive and real characters look like ordinary cardboard.Garfield also get a real person, and a cat, which is called something unusual.Glad Garfield sits all day watching TV, reading the New York Times, loves to eat lasagna and hates Mondays and constantly nags!Many believe that this is a collective image of the average American, and that's why the audience can easily identify with him.Because Garfield very human!And because people wanted so much not only to watch his adventures on the screen, but also on their own to participate in them.Now, the opportunity was, in fact created Garfield 2 game in which you can play for free on our site.Garfield games online have very different story.For example, Garfield once woke up in my least favorite day of the week Monday.But it was still half woes.He soon discovered that his girlfriend kidnapped by a gang of rats led by a Joker.To you to help save his girlfriend Garfield and rats make regret that they chose their victim was her.There are other games online Garfield, for example, where you have to help him catch their favorite food - lasagna, or play with him in table tennis.There are also online games Garfield, where you have to put the cat in the most beautiful clothes.Note that these games are different genres.There are adventures and quests, where the main character is Garfield.There iskalki where Garfield will find in the big room, no matter what happened.As we said, there are dress.In general, the options are many and each user will be able to exactly what he likes.Garfield games on our site are absolutely free and very fascinating and interesting.Also, they are very kind and funny at the same time, that in our time is a rare combination.They enjoy both growns and young kids.Many even play them as a family, because if a film about Garfield was a family comedy, and the game is also suitable for joint activities the whole family!