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Probably every modern man watched the movie "The Matrix", where the main role played by the famous neo actor Keanu Reeves.The movie is so pleased with the public that it has earned not only positive reviews from film critics, high marks from the audience and the huge box office, but the two sequels that were removed after a while, after the first part.Trilogy movie "The Matrix" and to this day is considered one of the best in the history of cinema.And the best sooner or later becomes a plot flash games.So it happened with the movie "The Matrix", because they were created by the game matrix, and they too have become very famous and popular among gamers.It is worth recalling that the film tells us about the distant future, where the current reality for people is really just an illusion, created by robots.This was done in order to subdue the human population, and the electrical activity of the people and the heat is used as a power source for robots.The real world has been destroyed.However, computer genius Neo found out about it, and he was involved in the war against the robots.On the basis of this film and created games that largely duplicate the movie plot.While many of the games from the film took only moments battles.Just like in the film, during the game the crowd agents will chase after you, in order to destroy it.You will be completely unarmed, but you have to deal with them.However, the weapon still can be found.For example, a crook.It's a great blade that can be used in close combat.In addition, the game can be found, and firearms.It can also be against the agents, but they are impossible to kill a mere mortal.They avoid any bullets, know hundreds of martial arts, not tired, and have incredible strength and speed.Chances are you have seen, when a crowd of people in a strict black suits in dark glasses and a ruthless face going forward.This is the agents who follow your favorites Neo.Neo can only kill them.And, of course, they need to make every effort to destroy Neo.So you have to make great efforts to help Neo.In these games, the atmosphere of the movie The Matrix recreated just fine, which is why these games are very fond of playing the fans of this wonderful movie.Most likely, the great music from the Matrix heard, even those who have not watched the movie.So the game can appeal even to those who have not watched the movie.Try to play!