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Games Medal of Honor

As is well known, popular game Medal of Honor created the famous American film director and producer Steven Spielberg.While almost all Spielberg films became hits, and then the game suffered the same fate.Online games Medal of Honor (the English version of Medal of Honor) are the best in the game genres: first person shooter.This is a game about World War II.The first part of the video game came out in 1999.The action is already in the final part of the Second World War, namely the mid-1944 to May 1945.Also, this game has its main character, whose name is James Steven Patterson.This pilot military transport case.He dropouts only one year at the academy, because he was called to fight in the front.In the course of the game "Medal of Honor," he would have to go through many difficult tasks and missions.These missions are fully immerse you in the atmosphere of war.And you tell me a hundred times thank my lucky stars that were born either in this terrible time.Furthermore, the "Medal of Honor" will love the history buffs who have already explore a large number of books and films about World War II, and did not even know where they draw the new information about his favorite period of history.This game will help them do this.Arsenal soldier in Medal of Honor was one with a silenced pistol, rifles, BAR and M1 Garand, submachine guns, grenade launchers and even powerful.During the passage of a number of missions you can see the stationary machine guns.They do not need to be recharged, and their ammunition is endless.However, in this type of weapon has its drawbacks: their range is limited to firing.Future versions of the game weapons are sometimes added, changed and improved.As you know, in this game should play all fans of military subjects.The game became very popular, and it was decided to release several sequels.Regardless of all the missions of the game, you'll have to go through, are very interesting, and you have a great time for this game.On our website you will find many versions of this popular game.Try the game "Medal of Honor" themselves to receive this medal!By the way, very soon to be released new part of the game.But so far it is only in the design, you can play the old parts that are also very entertaining and interesting!By the way, depending on the version of the game, you can control both the individual soldier, and the whole army.It remains to wish you good luck in the battle for a medal!