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Games Prince of Persia

Thousands of people have already played a game called "Prince of Persia."The first version of the game appeared in the already distant 1989.After 21 years, in 2010, the film adaptation of the game came out, and this movie was a lot of people.After the movie Prince of Persia games have regained wildly popular.It should say something about the film's plot and games.The main character in the film is a prince named obtain.He's very smart and strong, so all his enemies, he could win the battle.However, due to the insidious wiles and intrigues courtier Prince lost his kingdom, and now he must steal a magical artifact from the villains.Only he can help him to return back the clock and make its owner ruler of the world.This young prince can fine skills of acrobatics, as well as excellent knowledge of knives.Such was the story of popular film, and you can pass this way, if you start to play the Prince of Persia.From the title you can see that the basic development of the plot takes place in Persia.By the way, there are a number of other games under the title "Prince of Persia" that were popular long before the film's release.One only official version of the game you can count up to twelve of them!They were issued in the period from 1989 to the year 2010.Chances are that will be released and new versions of these games.In these games, sometimes changed the main characters, and, of course, each of them had different stories.In one of the games main character is the Vizier Jaffar.Its mission - to seize the throne.There are other main characters, for example, King Hassan, the younger brother of the deceased sultan.In the film and games we can watch four incarnations of Prince of Persia.These characters are somewhat similar, and at the same time very different from each other.If you like at least one game in the series "Prince of Persia" you must try to play in other games in the series with the other main characters.Typically, this game is in a mode such that if the main character dies, the game starts with the current level again.However, the time spent in an unsuccessful attempt to not come back.Attempts to pass the level may be many, only a player is defeated, if he fails to meet the time limit.It is these rules developed in this game, which has long been a cult.Agree, Hollywood ekraniziruet not every game.A "Prince of Persia" was filmed, which means the quality, popularity, and a beautiful story.