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In English language, the word "ranger" means hunter, forester or ranger.Thus, the word denotes the special forces in the United States.These troops carry out special operations during the Second World War or during the Vietnam War.In addition, these elite American forces carried out the most important military operations in peacetime.Rangers are sufficiently long training before proceeding to the actual service.In preparation for their talk to the battles in various weather conditions, in many different places.Anywhere in the world the Rangers are ready to join battle with the enemy.In today's world, data is often used troops to combat terrorists.But with such a strong and courageous people you will be contacted if the Rangers will play in the game.These games are very popular not only for the reason that the army is present squad.They are also popular because, in the 90's was a very popular TV series Power Rangers.This series is so popular that a new series shot and show up!Despite the fact that the show is popular mostly in the United States, the Russian people also remember the mighty Rangers.They are fully dressed in special costumes yellow, blue and red.It is based on this series are created and Rangers games.In these games you have to perform a variety of tasks.Series called Power Rangers (Power Rangers) are true classics for every child born in the period from 1990 to 1993-th year.Children involved not only a struggle between good and evil waged by Power Rangers.Also drew their team battle with different types of martial arts and other martial arts.Of course, this series has almost no relation to real Rangers.But thanks to him, in the imagination of young viewers an illusion of the fact that each of them is a ranger, while still very young, and he needs to improve in all aspects of life, to gain skills and strength for the final battle.It helps not only brighten up leisure child gives them a lot of pleasure, but also gives the understanding that without the efforts and work, will not work.Perhaps for this reason, the game based on the series like not only to the children of the 90's, sometimes nostalgic, but modern children.Also popular game about space rangers.The plot of these games is simple: you have a space ranger and pilot in a distant galaxy, and you are in a harsh war corporations.