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Games Fishdom

For those who like to take care of virtual pets, you can add to your experience of growing Tamagotchi also equipping your own virtual aquarium.This is made possible thanks to the game Fishdom.The player gets the starting capital, which bought the first fish.She swims across the expanses of empty tank and using special icon tells his master that it lacks algae adorning the bottom, all kinds of devices, are concerned about comfort.That you could buy in a store.And the money for purchases are won during the passage of games: on the field is a lot of different images and need to be swapped so that combine three of the same.After that they disappear and in their place new pictures fall.The purpose of the round in the game Fishdom - is to remove the image from the specially allocated gold sites.When all such sites disappear, you can collect your winnings and go shopping.Should not forget to buy friends, who are not so lonely pet will float.In Fishdom series released several games.Each adds something new - fish, aquarium accessories, designs.There is, for example, the option of resettlement in the aquarium themed scenes.So the second part can be put Fishdoma jewelry, houses and equipment in the style of ancient Egypt or farm.Many games like Fishdom 2 play online for free and you can.Puzzle with the collection in a series of three identical images, offered as jobs in Fishdome is implemented in flash games.And there are not just fishing theme: it can be colored smileys head zombie, alien figures, pictures of fruit, shields of knights and more.In each game offers a unique system of bonuses.Sometimes if a player is able to collect from three to six pictures say a line, it gets a lot more than if twice removed three pictures.Of mini-games available a lot of toys that are similar to Fishdom topics.This Action with fish, where the player controls a small fry, travels along the seabed, collect valuable bonuses, dodging vicious predators.Pictures from the fishing-themed games are often offered in a coloring, aquatic life is often a theme in games, puzzles.Fishdom game is interesting largely because of the element of the strategy and development opportunities.Players buy new decorations, creates some unique family of fishes.Every action in the game transforms view the aquarium and allow for new changes and improvements.Around the same principle is implemented and in many browser-based strategy game, in which you can develop a farm, zoo, stables, restaurants.