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"Contra" - the name marks a whole era of video games.Many players with solid experience easily answer the question of what captivated the game.Fortunately, anyone can appreciate the game a masterpiece, as Contra play online on our website.Appeared on the original Contra game machines back in 1987.A year later, the game appeared on the console Nintendo Entertainment System, which is the former Soviet Union known as the Dandy, and the home.For the time when there were all sorts of popular kinoboeviki, the game hit the target.Gorgeous at the time graphics, sound and gameplay.All this made it possible to play Contra days and nights.The game's plot follows the adventures of Bill Reiser and his partner Lance Bean (if playing together), which throws the military authorities with a dangerous mission into the jungle.The main aim of the game is to pass the level, simultaneously firing from the enemy.The complexity of the gameplay is that each level is not flat.Player and then have to jump from one island to another.Complexity added enemies, as every contact with them takes life.Life is also being spent, if a player hits the enemy's bullets.Enemies are constantly running around the level in large numbers.They can shoot in any direction and hit them hard enough.In addition, the levels found guns and laser systems.They can also kill the player and, in addition, have a strong armor.Fortunately, the player can pick up new weapons, and life.Thus, increasing the firepower of our brave soldiers.Levels in the game quite a lot, but the gameplay is really addictive because of its complexity.Of course, this section of our site is not only exact copies and adaptations of the famous game.Many flash drives are created based on the counter.They are famous heroes fall in new locations, fight with other opponents and use other types of weapons.In addition, the level of the player a variety of pitfalls await, in comparison with which to blow up bridges in the first part seem innocent prank.However, among the games, inspired by the dissent, there are those who depart from the genre of platforming mixed with a shooter.Typically, these games are shooters in the modern sense of the genre.It is hardly possible to compare these games with each other, but still something in common between them is.So, if you want to experience the feeling of childhood, or just yourself hoite know for what people loved so much counter - welcome to our website.Indeed, among the many new games, the base of which is constantly updated, you can find an exact copy of that same 8-bit militant.

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