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Sometimes it is important to just take in order to succeed.Even if the front of the unknown, but really want to get there and find out what you can do, you have to believe in yourself and your strength, friendship, generosity and success of their goal the entire case.It is through such faith girl Bloom learned about the world of fairies and their accessories.And thanks to the magic power of faith Beliviks was reward for fairies for what they were able to convince the Roxy in their existence.Beliviks increased by small fairies and gave them new opportunities, along with three new pairs of wings Trasiks show what happened earlier, Zumiks help teleport and Spidiks increase speed.In 2004,director Idzhinio Straffi introduced his audience of children animated series "Winx Club - Winx", where in the main roles were young fairy fairy Bloom, Layla, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Stella.Since that time, their images played upon in different ways, and soon there were computer games Winx Biliviks.It is easy to guess that the girls do not resist the temptation to plunge himself into the world of magic through those girls and experience with a lot of adventures.While little witch and fight against evil, it is a very good story with a positive ending.Even their struggle does not seem violent, unlike many games, which offers a similar idea.You will not find a drop of blood of the subjects, and the victory over the enemy does not show the bodies.The defeated monster simply disappears, and it appears the next shift.In this case, the girls need to be agility and speed to increase the power of magic and apply it in time.All games for girls Winx Biliviks look very bright, colorful and accompanied by a nice melody.Natural interest in girls appears to games about fashion, and if the fashion spiced notes of magic and there are clear lines of accessories can be traced to another dimension, it becomes the object of attention.Put the characters according to their fashion, and do not forget to pick up a couple of useful wings.As the fairies live in harmony with nature, which is generous to paint their outfits will also be distinguished by a special brightness and a variety of shades.And considering that all the fairies have their own, unique powers and relate to a particular natural disaster, then the suits for them should be chosen responsibly and in accordance with individual characteristics.Warm colors - orange, yellow and other colors palette belong Stella, which feeds the forces of the sun and moon.Flora also associated with the world of plants and especially flowers.That is why in her wardrobe you can often find pink and green.Each new transformation transforms the girls and said that they belong to one of the forces of nature.Knowing all these details, you can easily cope with the task and they will pick the right dress.Makeup and hair are also playing a role in changing the shape, as you can see, playing games Winx Beliviks.Their make-up is in harmony with the general attire and colorful paint show brightness of nature and characters belonging to the natural world.With hair similar situation - the length and hair color are important for the fairies just like other parts of image.Create a holistic way, and you will help the fairies transformed to a higher level.Also waiting game puzzles, coloring books and sobiralki.Flying in the clouds, you will catch hearts, rubies, pearls and other items.It must have time to avoid a collision with troubles.Playing with the fairies from the Winx Club, you yourself become a little magician.