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Thrust girls for beauty and fairy tale known to all.They love to play princesses, fairies and portray the good fairy who saves those who are weak and hurt.These Games demonstrate the creativity and the story they are able to think on the fly.That is why they come up with dolls, cartoons, movies and computer games that are filled with magic and the kindness that can heal the sick and save all the evil that is valuable for everyone - love, peace and administer justice to give warmth and care.By act of kindness in the form of a fairy apply Winx Enchantix game.Back in 2004, Italian director Idzhinio Straffi released in theaters animated series "Winx Club.Winx ", the main characters of which were closely fairies, Bloom, Flora, Stella, Musa and Layla.These little girls loved fairy quickly gained fame and the young warriors against the dark forces.They became friends and joined forces on the righteous endeavors.But since they are still very young to grown magic, they are forced to attend school witches to gain new knowledge and strengthen their skills.It makes them look like normal girls who also go to school and learning new things.Enchantix Winx Games Online includes a variety of subjects and themes of the game genres.Sometimes you have to fight with the evil monsters, where every fairy will put into practice the skills learned in magic.Running them one by one, as if you yourself will change and the time to get each of them.To defeat the enemy, we must correctly calculate the force of impact and do not give to get to you too close.All you need full concentration and dexterity.As small fairy like girls, they have their own interests - they want to please the boys, to be beautiful and fun.Even in real life girls not only learn and help their parents at home, but the rest, playing games and indulging in other interesting things.In games of fashion, where you have to choose beautiful outfits, to create and apply makeup hairstyle, you can come up with a new image of the fairies, in addition to the latest fashion fairy world.In addition to the bright outfits that are in abundance in the range of games, you will change them wings, which give new magical powers.So, with your help, the fairies will not only fashionable, but also much more.Games for girls Winx Enchantix coloring like you less.With the help of a magic wand, you can return the colorless world of its vibrant colors, without which killed any magic.Filling every detail color, you revive the magic and force the painting come to life.Only in the colorful world can update all the bright and good, but, as you know, representatives of good can not exist in black-and-white world.Returning a color image, you can recreate the original coloring, or come up with your own.Only your imagination can create a new world and way for young wizards.Puzzles - this is another kind of game Winx Winx Enchantix.Lovers of logical tasks will appreciate these games.They magical world divided into fragments, and you have to collect all of them to a man, to put together in the right order and at a specific time to return to the fairies, and the opportunity to fight on for the triumph of good.You will find the puzzles in different ways, which are divided by level of complexity and the shape of the mosaic elements.Your powers of observation and skill will be the key to success, but we are confident that you can handle any task.