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Card Games - is a universal game, who love to indulge in people of different social strata.For age no barrier too, and the children soon comprehend the rules of card games.But some games are so complex and require specialized knowledge and skills that are available to them guides.These include the Bridge, a thousand, preference, and whist.This is based on not only the uptake player, but the math.All card games can be divided into intellectual and gambling.If the above are intelligent, among gambling mention such names as: Seka, blackjack, point, borax, a drunk, a fool (in different versions), Debertz.It's about Debertz discussed in this column, and though the game is not very common in our territory, but deserves attention.As for the history of the game, here seen several versions, but the most entertaining think the assumption is that it dates back to the early twentieth century and was particularly prevalent among prisoners Sakhalin.Game came to us and became recognizable in the seventies of the last century and has since gradually gaining more popularity among gamblers, but by species divided by the Kharkov and Moscow variation, although the rules vary a lot in them slightly.We offer you with different options and playing Debertz online on our gaming website, selecting options of game play.The deck has no sixes from thirty-two cards and play online Debertz maybe two, three, or four.If the game four, then you can play in pairs, but an option when everyone plays for himself, is also possible.If you play two, the party in several donations poses challenge to dial three hundred one point.If more participants, the five hundred one.But it all depends on the situation, and the number dialed points may vary, as there are regions where the aim is to one thousand one hundred one point in the game for more than two participants.Our aim is also to introduce you to the game and make it available to everybody else.That is why we are giving you the chance to play for free online Debertz.Who will make the first move, identify the computer.Players in the hand is dealt six cards from the deck, the others are laid out in the center of the table with only one open card which determines trump.The player to the left of dealing the cards gives or does not give consent to the use of the card as a bargaining chip.If they do not like Trump, voting rights pass to the next player.So do all the players in the game for as long as the turn to give up.If, during online games Debertz all the players say "pass" to the left of surrender, the power to declare another trump suit or give up the game again.After the refusal of the right to vote goes beyond the circle.The unanimous rejection of the game with this scenario, all the cards are returned to the deck, well-shuffled and re-dealt.When Trump accepted, each player is dealt three more cards.Royal Seven hands can optionally change to trump that open in the center.To draw a bribe, the first player puts the card on the table.Other players are placed next to the map or in the suit, or trump, or any other card, if not others.Card that exceeds the rest on points, takes the rest.After scoring on the hands of each player, the winner is revealed - the one who managed to score the stated points.We invite you to play online Debertz without registering on our gaming site.