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Games Neighbours from Hell

In computer arcade "How to get a neighbor", your main goal is to create for its neighbor the same unbearable living conditions, what it does it for you.To explore all the delights of a neighbor's existence and learn all the tricks sophisticated malicious revenge, but also to get acquainted with the characters of the story, start to get a neighbor to play now.Despite the fact that the main villain Rottweiler, is the causative agent of the offender and violent behavior of his neighbor, himself Woody (other versions Beech or Vova) seems no less a villain and dirty dog.True initially Woody had good intentions to make contact civilized way, so to speak, to explain about life dialogue, but this attempt was not successful.Resorting to various tricks pre Finally, he came up with a great idea to show the shameful behavior of the neighbor on the television in the hope that it will be a good lesson for him.That is why soon appeared in the yard machine Television Studio Studio TV Vienna.Mr. Rottweiler is being stubborn personality neprobivaemosti continues to perform their dirty tricks and meanness.On the part of it even seems that he enjoys the TV to turn on all the volume in the middle of the night to disturb the neighbors lawn mower when they decided to relax and let his dog walk on a neighbor's lawn.But he did not lack the courage to confess their sinful actions, and he dismisses all claims addressed to him, attributing them to his parrot and a dog.But her character is because it mistreated - not fed and shout at her.From this attitude from anyone spoil the character.A red parrot with a huge beak least harmful and, judging by the look, is making plans to take over the world.The game meets another animal - pig.Rottweiler contains her in a cage and wants to score for a barbecue, and a wall to hang her head as a trophy.In versions of Nintendo GameCube, Xbox Rottweiler mom found that his son and like-minded all the time in the litter Woody.Starting in how to get a neighbor to play online, you do not see that as addicted process and gain considerable knowledge base on the neighbor's tricky.The game contains many versions in the sequels that you master the latest methods of pest control neighbors.Soon your virtual home will become a testing ground war - all the traps and ambushes, which is only a TV camera, showing your neighbor across the country!Games are divided into three seasons, in which different numbers of episodes.The first season consists of five episodes, the last two of four.In the first, will give you a kitchen, living room, hall and bathroom.The second season opens up a new space - a bedroom and a balcony.The third season will add room and cellar.Woody got so angry that even at work began to pursue Rottweiler.How he does it, you will learn during the game Neighbours from Hell 3 - in the office.Rottweiler attempt to show themselves in a good light are not successful, as the avenging hand of Woody overtake him at work.It stains the towels ink mixes in coffee dirtiest, spreads glue keyboard puts a button on the chair and performs other tricks, to avenge the hated neighbor.And when he decides to relax at the spa, followed him.Having started playing Neighbours from 2 - hellish vacation, arrange Rottweiler merry life.