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Be glad to visit you came Masyanya!With this angular and funny girl you never get bored, because she is always ready to offer a new plan to rush headlong into the maelstrom of adventure, which often lead to trouble, but, nevertheless, it was never depressed and always finds a way out of difficult situations.The first meeting with her bosom and Masyanya druzmi - shaggy and Hryundelem occurred in 2000in short cartoons, the authorship of which belongs to Oleg Kuravlevym.A year later, on October 22 Kuravlev Masyanya created dedicated web site, laying there all series about her.Now, this date was the official birthday of the naughty girl with funny hair and watery figure.At first cartoon was distributed by e-mail, while the site of Masyanya not become popular.But when Leonid Parfenov series was broadcast in the program "The Other Day" fell on Masyanya real fame.Amateur draft soon grew into a professional studio and it took them "cartoon.Ru ".In 2008, began to appear the first computer game based on a story cartoon.Casual quest "Masyanya under the yellow press" presented Masyanya as a journalist.A year later, she came to life in two games: arcade business "Masyanya and beach troubles" and the quest "Masyanya fully Africa."2011gave us the game "Masyanya.Eurotrip "and today Masyanya can be called the star the Internet, as it is created on a lot of different subjects.All games combines sparkling humor inherent perky girl.As an example, we offer a full Masyanya Africa play now and go in search of treasure - African diamonds, taking with him and friends.These riches are hidden in the desert of Namibia, and to get there is not easy, especially when the money in their pockets instead of the wind howled.But when the same stuff restrained true adventurer?In addition to the main line of the plot, the game built a mini game in which to solve small task.During the download the game you can select a beginner or expert.The latter can not be called simple, but it is much more interesting.But if during the game decide to switch to a beginner, you will not face any difficulties in the transition.This mode has a list of items to search for, and tips will be updated soon.As a nice bonus, we give you the opportunity to play free games Masyanya.Among the list of games you will find Masyanya in different roles.Sometimes it will be a business woman, sometimes a DJ or traveler treasure.But it can be a real pain in the finger, and annoy someone so that it will announce the hunt with total destruction.If you have the same spirit of adventure, then Masyanya games for girls for you.During the game Masyanya and beach troubles, our heroine did great business on the beach, selling kvas leisure and barbeque.What did not come up when you want the sea, but there is no money for recreation.And so - here you and the money from the business, and the rest in the sun.And to Shaggy with Hryundelem not loiter, she tossed them rabotenka.They clean the beach, take a holiday orders and spread it to them.In this case, the main thing to remember who and what order did.In the game, as well, there are mini jobs and profits necessary to invest in business development, advertising, equipment and goods.But sometimes it is necessary to pamper employees to work well, for example, to pay for the pool and gym.Masyanya games online will give you a lot of pleasure from intercourse with an extraordinary personality and those adventures that she has prepared for you.

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