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Everyone knows that girls love their dolls and spend playing with them for hours.For them, they are not just dolls, and loyal friend who will never betray, do not hurt, do not be sad and do not get old.Often the dolls become true companions their owners for life, and when grown-up girls - women have come my children and grandchildren, it transfers the right to possession of a doll named thus prolonging its life.Often the dolls have no name and get it from her mistress, but there are those who at birth they were given - Barbie, Winx, Bratz, Moxie.These famous dolls are so popular that they have been removed cartoons and create computer games.Heroines of this column have Moxie dolls, which can be translated as energy, audacity, courage and initiative.These qualities are inherent in the nature of dolls Avery Sofiny, Lex and Sasha.Games for girls Moxie created in different directions of the genre.You can think of these dolls for girls brightest outfits according to their individual traits.Lex sensual, refined and sophisticated Sasha, Avery playful and romantic, thoughtful Sofina quite creative nature and, therefore, impose high demands outfits.Do not forget the trendy hairstyles that are part of the image.Let go of your imagination and change the blond curls Avery on red, black, or brown.In computer games, all sorts of options open to you, and now you do not have to buy them for the whole wardrobe and wigs as games for girls Moxie is all you come up and placed in the appropriate section of our Web site, opening the doors of clothing boutiques and beauty salons.Clicking on a miracle transformation.Change the length and color of hair, decorate it with ribbons, barrettes and bands.Pick a beautiful jewelry to complement the image.Even the color of the skin is subservient to you in these games, and you can change the token on white milky shade of golden tan.Make-up - another important possibility of transformation.If in life, such experiments are not welcome, in the CBT have a free hand and only your imagination and taste in fashion will create an image that will satisfy you as a makeup artist and enjoy a virtual girlfriend.Do not be afraid of failure, it is always easy to fix even the worst Makeup.Your virtual cosmetic bag offers everything needed for this sacrament - pencils, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara, blush, and powder tonalki.So do a manicure, which is offered in a range.You can cover the nails painted one color, and you can apply to it a stock picture or create it from different elements, combining them together.For a complete picture of dress to finger puppets ring or bracelet on his wrist.Games for girls Moxie help young ladies learn all the tricks of beauty and high fashion.Playing with dolls in dress, girls learn to dress and life.Such knowledge is not lost and will be useful in the future.When a person is attractive not only intellectually, but apparently, he has a much better chance to build a career, have a personal life, social life and adjust to find friends.Anyone interested to know the inner world of man, if he is not groomed and poorly dressed.These people seem strange and they themselves suffered.Games like Moxie, are taught to be harmonious and happy.This is not a mindless manipulation to drag items of clothing, toys and quite useful for those who care about their appearance and how to take them around.