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Each generation of children is always a cartoon that became a symbol of their childhood.More recently, children enjoyed watching the animated series "Tom and Jerry", today they were replaced by other subjects, and the former Soviet-era children remember well, "Well, wait a minute!".If you look critically, then reveal a trend that each generation is marked by a cartoon violence.Even Tom and Jerry prey on each other in a frenzy and cause each other pain.Such weakly somehow fit with the realities in the West to the children show concern to a higher level than in the former Soviet Union.However, domestic cartoons, and "Well, wait a minute!"In particular, seem to be more kind and harmless.That is why parents who want to instill a child a positive outlook on the world, from early childhood taught him to love good old cinema.Even the parents are happy and nostalgic looking familiar to the details of the cult cartoon series about pizhonistom wolf and resilient, resourceful hare.The fact of people's love for these characters can be considered appearance in 80 years the LCD panel, "Electronics", which ran on the gray wolf screen, catching a basket of eggs, rolls off the roost.Itself the "electronics" is considered to be a clone or unofficial continuation consoles Nintendo EG-26 Egg.Cost this toy is very expensive, and you can get it with great difficulty.That is why it is admired the views, and its owners enjoyed popularity among friends.If lucky, owning a toy, the company had a few organized competitions, who are more score points - to catch the eggs.Then the children were not the favorites of digital technology and therefore "Electronics" guarded very carefully.But not only the children showed her keen interest.Adults also did not remain indifferent and with passion indulged in action.Now these panels left, and if anyone kept the ghost of the past, it is unlikely to cause such a stir.Nevertheless, the creation of a computer version of the game, "Just you wait!"Preserving the appearance of the panel, it seems very good idea.This game is for agility and speed that could attract the attention of not only the growns who will be pleased to remember my childhood, but also their children, who are much more willing to accept all the old, if it is wrapped in a modern twist.Among the options, you will find several versions of the design, but all versions of the game well, wait a minute you are free and we are pleased to report it.A computerized version of "Just you wait!"Preserved not only the gameplay, but the rules of the game.Wolf during the game can be in four positions and catch eggs turn into points and displayed at the top of the screen.The goal - to gain the maximum possible number of points.Egg roll with perches and crashing if they are not caught, they will be broken, and the player will receive a penalty.Three broken eggs mean the end of the game, and the maximum number of prize is 999 points.This is followed by a reset, and the game goes from zero.When the player has two hundred and five hundred bonus points, penalty disappear.At first, the game is in slow motion, but gradually the speed and number of eggs falling begins to increase.In game two difficulty levels.In the level "A" egg roll with only three perches, and the level of "B" with four.In the online version, there is an option when the wolf catches no eggs, and a bottle of vodka, but any preference to the version you're playing well, wait a minute free.