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Today, we are used to different shows and treat them leniently.But when they first began to appear, it causes a boom and people "take a strong liking" to the TV when started another program.Especially memorable projects can be considered as an intelligent show "O Lucky Man" and "Field of Dreams."They are people to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and win a prize.Beginning with the first issue of "O Lucky Man" on NTV in 1999, the popularity of the game has surpassed all imaginable thresholds.Its ratings went off scale, and from those who want to get into the studio to film transfer was not hanging up.The excitement of people did not pass, the more prizes that over time have become more important, and the main promise of winning the jackpot of three million rubles.Of course, that could get to the transmission is not all, and those who had to watch the game from the TV screen, often gave answers before party, which gives them the confidence of their superiority.If you are also confident in their abilities, then O Lucky Man can play online right now.Based on the popular program created a computer version of the game is for those who wish not only to observe the progress of the other players, but he himself take an active part in the process and winning the coveted million.You are waiting for fifteen questions on different subjects, and if the answer is correct, then become a favorite and will break the jackpot.As elsewhere, the game starts smoothly and seems simple.But this is only the beginning and soon you forget your skepticism.For each proposed issue, you have to choose from four possible answers, where only one is correct.Well, when the answer is obvious to you, but it happens that arouse suspicion.Well, version 50/50 will make your task of choice.Using it, you need to decide on one of the other two responses, because two wrong with the board will be removed.You can choose "call a friend," if you believe in the erudition of his friend to the full.But do not forget that time is ticking and you have to call a saving of thirty seconds.The choice is also possible using the hall, and, focusing on the percentage of votes in one of the answers, you'll be able to answer a hall or be of the same mind.About a lucky online play as interesting as if you were present in the studio.Similarly, TV game, the computer version has provided fireproof storage at the fifth and tenth game levels.If you have already stepped over them, the loss on any subsequent levels not take you five or a hundred thousand, earned previously.No matter how loved the old, but not to lose the interest of the public, you need to make changes and offer innovations.In later versions of "O Lucky Man", you will see new questions and other interesting features.This game can be really useful to interest lovers of entertainment that require knowledge and a good memory.To effectively play it, the player must constantly improve and enhance their literacy, broaden horizons and to grow intellectually.Even a wrong answer can bring many benefits, forcing people to fill this gap with new information.In his design of the game is identical to the TV version, and if you play it on a big screen, it will create the impression of a real host in the television studio.But these similarities are not limited to - the chance to win real money has not been canceled.And if the financial side you do not care, playing, just enjoy the process and gladly present you the opportunity.