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Man being recklessly and always strives to win.For this purpose, suitable all the way, and if someone chooses a sporting event, others practiced the power of thought.In any case, you have plenty of opportunities to prove its superiority and be the best.While some people pumped up muscles, others are increasing gyrus.But who said it was not compatible?To be strong, smart, accurate and intelligent - is to become a true leader in every way!Perform this task may not even leave the house.Morning exercise and dumbbells will develop muscles, and textbooks, fiction books, crossword puzzles and build up a knowledge base.To help the intellectual bigots, among other things, created the TV show, in which players compete to show off his knowledge.One of these was the TV game "Field of Dreams," published in 1991 and became a popular show in the series, "What?Where?When?, "" How to Be a Millionaire "and" O Lucky Man. "With its appearance people blocked the channel letters with applications for participation in the shooting.In wishing there was no shortage, and those who are not lucky break, remained on the other side of the screen and sitting in their own couch, took part in the game is not as actively otgadyvaya words faster program participants and feeling like a clever and dexterous.Looking as cheerful Yakubovich cleverly narrows his eyes, hiding a grin twisted into a mustache and distributes gifts generously, especially gambling citizens could not sit at home, and they continued to storm the TV, throwing his repeated requests to participate in the survey.Today this is no longer necessary, because for everyone to spin his own drum, and find the hidden word on the panel, created computer game Field of Dreams.Developers have tried to preserve the illusion of presence in the studio, and because repeated native design registration.Here is a familiar drum with the same marks on the cells.The gray wall in the form of squares hidden under the floor darker plates.To name a letter, you only have to press it on the keyboard layout is visible, and if the correct answer, she immediately opens.If this letter is repeated several times in a word, it will open again.Rules of the game have changed, as you can see for yourself by playing the online version of the game Field of Dreams.As you can see, now available to you to join everyone's favorite game, to become an active participant and prove that you are worthy of the prize.You can participate in the real draw of prize money, competing with other virtual players, but it is quite possible to just play and enjoy their own right answers.Based on the original version, think of other versions of the game.Now, even the kids can play in the game Field of Dreams, where the task to guess the names of animals, birds, insects and fish.The rules are slightly different, although the principle is the same.The company "Buka" that fills their gaming products sparkling humor, did not avoid the game, releasing in 2012his version of Fields of Wonders.In it you will find not only the Yakubovich and celebrities as participants in the game, but also additional opportunities in the form of construction of the interior of his house with the money.This game is a symbiosis of the intellectual game with the economic strategy.Cashing in on the game, you can buy furniture and decor.Mo as will replenish your personal account will be available to buy more and more beautiful and expensive things.All of this flavored sparkling humor, which is guessed personal style leader.Win with a smile!