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X-Men Battle
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Wolverine Easter Egg Games

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Game X-Men Battle  online
X-Men Battle
Game Wolverine Easter Egg Games  online
Wolverine Easter Egg Games
Marver company seems most prolific in creating comics, the most famous of which are: "Iron Man," "Spider-Man," "Incredible Hulk," "Fantastic Four," "Daredevil," "Silver Surfer," "Captain America" "Ghost Rider," "Superman," "Doctor Strange," "Batman" and "X-Men."For characters created a fictional world, and its characters have one or several super powers, which sometimes develops, give birth to a new, even more powerful.To highlight the main idea of ​​comics - the struggle of good and evil, all the characters are divided into positive and negative.One of these stories, we would like to dedicate this column, and offer you a play Wolverine and the X-Men.The Institute Xavier started another ordinary day and did not bode any surprises.But sometimes unplanned events which involve a number of others.Such event was the explosion that started the conflict and our heroes with the division response mutants - DRM.To defeat DRM, Wolverine tries to assemble a team together.Smith, Iceberg and Ghost Cat did not keep begging.Others have found a reason to give up, and only Professor X has combined the former team again.This story is presented in the animated series and feature films in more detail, and computer games do not always follow the main story.While, however, by this we are used to and most importantly, to the story of the game was able to surprise us with new ideas of events.But if the game Wolverine and the X-Men were uninteresting, we would not take up your time for their demonstration.Often it seems the anti-hero Wolverine.This impression is due to his actions, sometimes very cruel.But it can be justified by looking atrocities and lies on the part of the villains.He fights with the other mutants, exposing themselves to danger.It can hurt, but it is almost impossible to kill.Due to the nature of the skeleton, he quickly recovered, but is capable of experiencing excruciating pain as his claws, cutting the flesh, go outside.The youngest of the team - Ghost Cat.Its ability - to pass through solid objects and carry to another.Samoutverzhdayas, it always shows the cynicism and sarcasm, though it remains a friendly and welcoming.Kuznets mutation manifested in the ability to create a miracle of technology and it has excellent intuition.Ice Man, he's Iceberg, commands the element of ice.It creates and controls it.And he gets pleasure from the knowledge that is part of the team.In addition to these characters, the X-Men a lot more characters, and you can meet Storm, Beast, White Queen, Cyclops, Angel, Kollosa, Phoenix, Rogue and the Night of the Beast.Their struggle is directed against the Brotherhood of Mutants, which includes Landslide, Mercury, Domino, Bubble, Toad.Some time and Rogue was their gang, when she left on the X-Men.But then she went home.Game Wolverine and the X-Men are filled with stories that keep the idea of ​​the struggle between good and evil.Wolverine claws will produce whenever peace is threatened.He pays no attention to the pain felt at the same time, because he knows that his friends are always there and ready to help and support in difficult times.Become close to the X-Men and join in the fight against the mutants.But do not forget that they also not weak stock super powers.Victory depends on your skills and combat strength endurance.Your bravery and courage, augmenting strength of character, will ensure the victory of the team X-Men.

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