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Secretary - a person of each company.That is why it should always be in a form that is easy to look good.Prestige of the company begins with the appearance of the secretary.In connection with this game for girls secretary offer you games dress up games, where you'll pick up clothes for girls, corresponding to its status.As the secretary must be present at banquets, serving guests and making their stay comfortable in the office, she should have in her wardrobe and business suits, dresses and more boxy.Makeup also have to be perfect, because no one in the office will not tolerate sloppy employee.And after all the time so it is often not enough for themselves - and work orders from a superior.That has to do everything on the go.Secretary with experience know how to respond to emails, send and receive faxes, make coffee boss, photocopies documents, answer the phone, paint nails, lips and eyes, tweeze eyebrows and throwing romantic looks cute employee at a time.They get it so professionally, that sometimes is a little bit of time to flirt at the coffee machine and the sweetest kisses with handsome office.Bosses do not like it when their employees are not busy work and personal affairs.That is why, when the boss appears on the horizon, clear away the bubbles from the lacquer, mirror and make-up, or you might run into the indignant cries, a reprimand and forfeiture award.But if the boss will be pleased with you, expect a raise and praise.Secretary's office without cease to function.That it is the epicenter of all the events and coordinates the work of the office.It converge orders, letters and instructions.It occupies the lowest position in the company, but its work is indispensable.To be able to cope with so many responsibilities, it is necessary to have five times as many arms, legs, and a couple of extra heads would not stir.It is a pity that bosses rarely appreciate such thankless task and not treat him with respect.If you want to be as agile, games for girls secretary will teach you the basics of the profession.This will be useful for another reason that the career of many girls start with this step.Purchasing low-level skills in the future, when they will take the chair head, it is easier to understand their assistants, forgive them little weaknesses and anticipate their tricks.And while you may feel in the online version of what it means to be a cog in a big company where you are needed and indispensable, but seriously no one perceives.Or plunge into an office flirtation and romance with a nice manager.Will have to make it a secret from the head and staff, since corporate novels are not welcome.But if you already dopekli empty carping, and nerves pass completely, then do not hold your anger inside and punish those who annoy you the most.Firing lumps of paper through the office, try to hit as many targets.Fall into the target sighting shots and let them know what an angry secretary!Games for Girls secretary go for speed, and you do not have to relax.To be a good secretary, you have to run, but do not forget to correct makeup and smile, even if you're dead tired and did not distinguish coffee from a copy machine.Do not be discouraged if all your efforts again were discontented face boss - they will never please everyone.What can you do each his own job and, apparently, they should always be cranky.