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Everyone remembers how in the nineties, the world of "sick" Tamagotchi.This harmless game became a stumbling block when first surfaced slozy children.The author of the game is the company Bandai, Tamagotchi and the first focused on the console Game Boy from Nintendo.Cartridge was equipped with EEPROM-memory, clock, speaker and a weak processor.Tamagotchi owners to fend for pixel pet, watching its birth and development.The program was introduced electronic ward program that responded to the manipulation of feeding, playing with them, cleaning and waste treatment.If the child to remember in time to do it all, pet chah and soon died without the possibility of revival.Not to miss this whole ritual, the owner had to have the Tamagotchi with a Game Boy.Over time, the game was modified and made it more comfortable.It has evolved into an independent game and become even more popular, as evidenced by forty million copies in the first years of the updated release.Although the game has become more convenient, it does not exclude the case of the death of virtual wards.Children are so tied to electronic beings that their loss negatively affects the fragile psyche of the child.To stop mass hysteria, it was decided to further equip Tamagotchi restarting the game for a chance to start over.As often happens, his ongoing interest in the toy died down, but sometimes the revival with updated features lead to a new wave of curiosity.In 2009, a new version of Tamagotchi - Tamagotchi ID.Now the game has a color, it will have an infrared port for communication with a mobile phone and shopping in the online store supplies for your pet.Two years later - in 2011, The newest version ID L was dated fifteenth game.The release of new versions of old did not cancel, but if the first option is quite cheap, the game later generations not yet available to everyone.In this regard, we believe that Tamagotchi online games that you see on our web page, will come to your liking, as they do not have to buy or pay for the right to play.Moreover, a variety of subjects, you see, will allow you to enjoy them all without restriction, which compares favorably with the purchased consoles.In addition to familiar animals, you can choose as a friend of the little dinosaur and grow this lizard, which will remain for you and your beloved pet will enjoy his good temper and cheerful mood.You can play, taking care of small children, taking care of their health, satisfying thirst, hunger, and other desires.Grow plants is also very interesting.Plant the seed in the ground, water it, expose to the sun, remove old leaves, and you can watch the process of its growth.While this is a small and helpless shoot, but your concern will turn it into a large tree or the lush rose bush.You will be able to enjoy, seeing as it is covered by large, beautiful flowers, and the tree is filled with summer fruit.Plants are alive and feel attitude.If you prove yourself a good and gracious host, will reward you a healthy and beautiful plant.All games are made in accordance with the original image and the Tamagotchi because you do not feel any difference in the game, but it will get more opportunity to enjoy the different subjects of the process during the Tamagotchi online games.