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Emo (emotional) translated to English language means - emotional.It has long become popular, the direction of the youth subculture actively manifested among both girls and boys.The section on gender, they are called emo-boy (boy) and emo-girls (girl).The general name that applies to both sexes - emo Kida.It is dedicated to them and "Games for girls emo".Representatives emo very vulnerable and established ideas about them as a crybaby.They deny any violence not accept rudeness, aggression and injustice.They think about their own experiences and often sad.Exactly as you see them in video games that focus on youth this direction.Learn emo easy to specifically choose clothes and make-up.The color palette dominated by black, purple or dilute other bright shade - pink, purple, lavender, blue.Creating for them to play dress up clothes, you'll see a wardrobe that matches emo.Sometimes, their dress bordered with Gothic style, although this is only apparent similarity.In life, the Goths and emo are two opposing sides and the Goths, the more aggressive-minded actors, often offend members of emo.Odevalok developing the theme, you can transform the models not only for everyday life, but also to find wedding theme.Just have to forget about the traditional white dresses, because it does not fit in with the philosophy of life of emo.Here you will find black veils and dresses that will be diluted purple, red and purple tones.Creating hairstyles in many games on relevant topics, colors will repeat fashion.Form hairstyles may be different, but often you'll see either straight, long black hair with bangs and colored strands diagonally, close one eye, or with tousled short hair at the back and free falling down the front.Sometimes emo girls love to knit baby tails, decorated with colorful pins in the shape of a heart or other parts.Are present in the form of emo and other distinguishing features - the piercing of the nose, lips and eyebrows.Playing games of make-up, you will be creating the representative of a normal girl emo culture.Light color will give the person an unnatural pallor, dark eye pencil will outline, broad arrows, and light-colored lipstick will make them virtually invisible.Continuing to build the image of emo, you are offered a manicure game where selected color lacquers and thematic applications in an appropriate style.Do not forget to decorate the fingers and wrist rings and bracelets to complete the transformation.Among other genres, you will find games for girls emo style Tamagotchi, so-called "emogochi."The peculiar behavior of the inhabitants of this game will show Tamagotchi in a completely new quality.In another game, you try to cheer up a little Annie, who walks along the road, dejectedly.To do this, you have the ball, smiley, who need to get to Annie.A sort of emo princess Nesmeyanov cheer is not easy, and because the bullet in her often and have a ball accurately.Among the games on emo is and Tetris.Play it be the same as in the classic version, but in the background emo style.Such a unification of different genres helps satisfy various interests.And to sweeten life and dispel the sad thoughts, prepare for them emo cupcake, ice cream or cake.Decorate them in an appropriate style and serve the dishes with elements of emo pictures.Enjoy your time without sadness!