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Winx games for girls based on the magical adventures of the young and charming fairies. Stella, Flora, Layla, Musa, Tecna and Bloom live in a fantasy world, flitting from flower to flower, go to school and improve their magic magical powers by which able to resist evil. Each new achievement and strength symbolizes another pair of wings, and during the game you will change them on the situation. Opening this column, you get the opportunity not just to play games Winx, and themselves become a little fairies. Do any of the girls had never imagined himself a magician, a magic wand which focuses on the Creation great power of good? Vivid images and beckon to take part in the next campaign against the evil, restore the broken order and just have fun with friends. You have to fight with the monsters that oppose you. But with such faithful friends, you do not need to be afraid. Where are drying magical powers one of the small witches, replaced comes next, ready to rush into battle, using their unique abilities. Games Winx club - the numerous dress up games, where in addition to colorful dresses you will choose for elegant creatures and bright wings, to denote their individual strengths. Since you are in a fairyland, before you open a riot of colors, offering himself excitedly. Dresses of all styles and colors dazzle and beckon, but to create a truly beautiful dress, try to highlight the main and pick them harmoniously, in accordance with the fairy, who appeared before you. You remember, that each of them has its own character and magical abilities, and therefore try to pick up all their inherent outfit. Hair and makeup are also used to create a complete image and call for creativity. Remember that before you are the same young girl like you, though possessing supernatural powers, but because they are happy to have fun, go on dates, discos or just idly spend time with friends. Also, they had a passion for pets and want them to look stunning no less than themselves. Opening a beauty salon for four-legged friends Winx fairies, we made sure that for them there were many beautiful and stylish stuff, as well as opportunities to fix her hair and take advantage of a wardrobe. Games for girls Winx Coloring actively pursuing creative theme. Black-and-white images waiting to be touched the hand of the artist, to be reborn a riot of colors. Nature abhors monotony, but because you need to make every effort to fill it with all sorts of shades and tones for which she is so rich. Puzzles are also not willing to concede in popularity and attract attention. Among them there is a lot of interesting pictures, which shattered the evil sorcerer, to destroy the magical land. But we will not let him get the upper hand, and encourage you to stand up for fairies and help them return to well-being in their own world. Collecting it and linking fragments into a single picture, you will a lot of great pictures, where six fairies frozen in motion. In addition to this game for girls Winx cooked and other entertainment. Collecting artifacts, differences and similarities - a natural continuation of the theme and each time you will improve your skills tracker. And kisses create a romantic atmosphere, from which do not want to leave. Even the card will get a new meaning if they involve fairies, giving the process a special aura of magic.

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