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Looking at the way drivers drive cars today, one wonders to what desert they gave out all right? A feeling that they do not know where they switched the rotation, switch the transmission speeds that should be kept a safe distance while driving, and before turning, it is necessary to signal lights. As for the ability to park it at all anecdote and a separate issue. If the move they still somehow manage to keep the balance, when the moment of truth - parking, some panic starts and with tears in his eyes. And it would be much funnier if such would-be drivers do not cause traffic jams and do not threaten the lives of other motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Get a rough idea about the whole complexity of this company you can opening game parking. Even in a completely secure virtual world, you will realize how hard sometimes to deal with the situation. Imagine that you are a taxi driver, ambulance, fire or police car. Drivers of these emergency services are quickly becoming aces on the roads, because, if they take a long time to try on a parking place, it will take before, and they can not provide the expected assistance. Ordering a taxi, the man is counting on the fact that it will deliver to the airport, the train station or to an important meeting place immediately. But arriving at the address, the driver must quickly find a parking spot. His weight competitors, who are also in a hurry to the coveted Piglet at the curb, and the only one who was the most clever, the right to consider himself the winner. Life - the game, and the same can be said vice versa. In games often produce life situation, and parking games example. The weather is not always conducive to the driver, but the trip and important matters has not been canceled. Be it sleet, snow, rain, fog or pitch darkness of the night, you have to accept the challenge and go for the passenger at. Car and then puts on the turns, visibility is almost zero, but as a true knight, and motor vehicles, you are required to fulfill their mission with honor! And if you complain that control a car in such situations is difficult, what do you say when we'll put you behind the wheel of a truck loaded with boxes with the goods, but leave the weather conditions are still unfavorable? That shook Hough? That's the same! Now remember that freight forwarders do their work every day and do not complain. But it is much more difficult to park a truck than a small car. Parking game will open in your potential, which you never knew. Hardened to the virtual road and passed them all, you can safely call yourself assom roads without fear and without reproach. We have prepared for you a variety of obstacles and difficulties, through which pass only the most worthy. But remember that no matter how plausible was not game parking 3d, it still spare you, providing an opportunity to be reborn after the accident and re-pass the level, but in reality you will not be such a privilege. Life - it's just one level and it can only pass on the first try. You can play any number of parking, but before hitting the road to travel these, try to given to you the right to match your driving skills.