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Games Batman

Online games Batman to some extent follows the story of comic books and movies about the man - bat, but still are a unique product that offers its version of events. Fans of this character do not miss any stories related to Batman. Bob Kane invented it in 1939 and placed in the fictional town of Gotham. Real Name of Batman - Bruce Wayne. He is a successful businessman, a millionaire, but his life was a tragedy. As a child, he witnessed the murder of their parents, and since then it celebrates the desire to fight injustice. Every act of his day and he spends training and when he realizes that he is ready to take decisive action, creates a bat costume, which makes and all its subsequent exploits. For others it is still Bruce Wayne and leads a normal life, and only dressed in his suit, rescues people from dangerous situations. As each of the superhero, he has assistants - butler Alfred and Robin, as well as assistant Betgerl. But without true enemies can not do - the two-faced, Penguin, Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Batman games open for our character the way, filled with deadly issues and meetings with old foes. In fact, he does not have any special abilities, and that he possessed the ability to fly through the sky and the hope of physical force, multiplied by the intellect. Constructing ingenious traps his enemies, he lures them in a position from which there is no exit to the right time to slam the door, entering into the enemy in a cage of circumstances. Different versions of the game Batman will be able to cope with difficulties only because of its strength and agility, though sometimes he will come to the aid of other comic book heroes. This situation has already become familiar in the virtual world and there is nothing surprising when the writers create a mix of characters. Batman is often dissect vehicles around the city, riding a bike or sitting behind the wheel of a racing car. He needs to quickly get to their destination, and he is counting on your help. Racing game, where the main role of a man - Bat will be some variety of conventional and familiar to the smallest detail of toys. And once in space, our hero does not fear the threat posed by alien invaders. He boldly reaches upward and reflects a punch and knocks meteorites laser hostile starships. At other times you will need to carefully search for unnecessary items on the background of paintings, where Batman froze in anticipation of a jump from a height. But it stirs all the excess that clung to the buildings of the city and its wide cloak. Collect all the letters, numbers and other rubbish to clear the way to victory. And wanting to train the memory, you can play cards based on Batman. Each card is hiding an image that is repeated again. But all the cards are hidden from our view, as we turned to face down. Click on one of them, we are turning her to face him for a short time to catch remember graphic, its place, and to find the position of the twin. As soon as a similar card to be found, they both disappear from the field or to remain in it in the tilted position. Thus, it is necessary to find all the identical pictures and only if the game is played. As you may have guessed, it was not without numerous colorings, puzzles and pyatnashek. With them it is interesting to spend time if you want something creative and relaxing. These games are great for a relaxing break, a long final day.