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Games Papa Louie

Cooking can be creative occupation, but dangerous at the same time. With food you can purchase a slim figure, stout, by leaps and bounds, burned and cut during their preparation, to learn the culture and traditions of the countries which belong to these or other recipes, and gone into a virtual world plunge into food adventures and fight the revived edible provisions.
Free Games Papa Louie introduces you to the famous Italian chef and restaurants, where every now and then come to life products. Lovingly prepared pizza they decided that she'd had enough of hungry customers and she is entitled to their own opinion. Grin on his creator – dad Louis, it takes all of its customers in the other world, and our hero is nothing left to do but to go after them, to save them from angry products.
Multi-level platformer puts the player in front of certain tasks – to go through all the levels, collect artifacts, and to avoid the dangers of an unexpected disaster to gain customers. Playing games Pope, management will seem familiar from other games, and to move, engage the keyboard keys – The right and left arrows. To jump up, press « space », and to Louis took the toque as a parachute, press « space » a second time. The Z key will be your blow to hit the enemy and allow the fire to fight off wave redirecting it back to the attacker, like a tennis ball. Pressing X you'll be throwing exploding jars, and an arrow pointing down – on the way to pick up a pizza.
Free online game Papa made in diversity, because a real entrepreneur does not stop ever. In addition to pizza, which is so loved by all Italians, they do not indulge in other gastronomic pleasures. Recovering the game « Papa Burger », you have to satisfy all the client's wishes and prepare a burger, as it should be according to him. Right sauté meat, pick up the remaining ingredients subject to the directives and follow it quickly with a smile. If you can please, monetary compensation will not take long, and customers depend on the generosity of the prosperity of your business. After all, the rescue, you can continue to refine its establishment, bringing to it more and more potential customers.
The next time the game for girls Papa will lead you to the restaurant, where our chef prepares tacos. Again demanding customer appreciates your efforts on individual parameters – as you fry the meat, how accurately complied with the recipe, how quickly and accurately the order was made. Even the appearance of the dish is of great importance and plays a role. I do not like your masterpiece? Then do not wait for no payment, but if you could please the buyer, in addition to the cost of the meals you can count on a generous tip.
Playing in Papa Louie's games, you can cook a lot of interesting dishes, and each toy offers the process conditions. These games are different from the classic versions interesting ideas. For example, before the start of the game you'll be able to choose the look of the character, defining for him the color of hair and skin, posture, nose and eyes, uniforms and a number of other characteristics. Next Venture a kitchen and take the orders to execute them with precision to the visitors. Even the way he prefers to have been decorated dish, plays a significant role. Some want all the ingredients were placed in a semicircle or circle, others choose a different sequence, the degree of roasting and some sauce. Intrigued? Good luck then.