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Game Subway Surfers  online
Subway Surfers

Games Subway Surfers

Game Subway Surfers  online
Subway Surfers
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Game subway surfers for artists bullies

Growing up can be in every one, and who wants to satiate his life experiences, which in old age would be nice to experience in his memoirs, to act as Jake – the hero of the game Subway Surfers.
fun Released in 2012, developed and released by Kiloo Games. Originally it was intended to control on Android and iPhone, but is now available subway surfers play online on your computer, which gives it even greater popularity.
It looks bright, events take place in the dynamics and 3D graphics gives Osobenkov and beauty. Audio is also sanctioned by blends harmoniously, creating the necessary mood and excitement. According to many, the game deserves a higher score, and for a long time will remain out of competition.

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Jake – is a typical teenager, in which coexist playful temperament, love for creativity, imagination, sociability. He is a fan of graffiti, and to his canvas Station. He manages cans of paint in bright colors of train cars to make them smart. For him, it is fun, but from the standpoint of the law – violation. A conflict of interest is obvious – a young man exercising in the art of painting, as a security guard with a dog is not able to estimate the creative impulse and hunts for Jake.
Throughout the game your mission – to help the hero escape from the chase on the roofs of the train, which is gathering pace. Here he comes to the bridge, and we have to duck to avoid flattened into a pancake. The paths will appear different danger and escape does not seem easy. And to run it even more interesting, you have to collect coins hanging in the air. Collect more of them to buy the necessary utility:

Later, Jake will have friends who share his passion for graffiti. One day they wanted to escape from the usual places and bring their art to the world. Develop a route, they went on a voyage to different countries and cities. Game subway surfers play online for free to invite them to visit

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Later were established other themes, and now you can play the game subway surfers, collecting puzzles, skiing, heal the injury after a crazy run: broken teeth, injuries to the arms, vision problems.
Heroes of the need to pick up clothes and female images – makeup. You will visit with their usual adventures in the subway with a friend of Jake – Triki. It is no less than boys keen tricks on rails and painting cars. While it is fun, you can lay down with her picture puzzles.
In the life of Jake and many other activities in which you are interested and will participate. It turns out that it is perfectly bakes pancakes and you can see this, recovering with him on a virtual kitchen.
Contrary to popular opinion, teenagers dependent and Jake himself wash their clothes, and decorate a room for Christmas. And to amuse yourself, friends and you in the barber shop, he decided to make a colorful mohawk, and then went to the tattoo parlor to complete the transformation.