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Games Cactus

No what can not be sure until the end. Even thing, promising certain profits can turn into a disaster. Employees have always depended on the mood of the chief and the circumstances, and the Wild West, when the hunt for gold was in full swing, the unexpected happened at every step. And if you believe the legends of the Indians, the magic in those days flourished lush color and used on any occasion. People believed in the supernatural and feared curses. Their faith was so strong that no one there was no doubt that the death of a cow to blame a witch, and if some brave soul journeyed to enchanted places in search of artifacts that he was considered a daredevil and mentally said goodbye to him, did not see the tea again.
The cowboy McCoy accepted the offer of a certain businessman, to get out of the ground an ancient relic, endows man with supernatural powers and making powerful. Our hero really found this subject in a distant cave, but over time the path was so tired that I decided to have a rest in it. His dream was strong, but when he came to, he found that has undergone significant changes and has now become a cactus. Having decided not to return to his customer, McCoy went on a journey to find a solution to your problem, but also a greedy thug was not going to sit idly by, and sent in his wake his men, and promised a reward to anyone who can help catch a fugitive.
Playing free game Cactus McCoy, you'll pass levels trying to escape from his pursuers, to destroy the posters of your capture and collect power-ups all the way. Cracking down on enemies, you can use any object that comes to you by the hand, making the gameplay gets additional charm and a sense of humor.
Games online Cactus McCoy filled with a variety of locations, striking beauty graphics, harmonious musical accompaniment, sound effects and the dynamics of development.
By controlling your hero, you can improve it periodically, in a special shop buying necessities. But to make this possible, it does not ignore the way we get on the coins, lives and weapons. And so you make it easier to adapt to the management, pay attention to the hints at the beginning of the game.
The game Cactus McCoy controlled by keyboard keys, and you'll soon adapt to this method of gameplay. You will always have the choice of weapons, but you can only be one thing. Picking up a gun, you have to get rid of the crossbow, but because everything happens at different stages of the passage, you should not worry about the feasibility of such a change. But you can shoot in almost any direction and even at an angle of forty-five degrees, and destroy enemies available, even dropping them barrels or boxes of explosives. In general, with McCoy you get bored just do not have, and each new adventure brings new challenges and emotions.
Starting with him in search of treasures of ancient civilizations, you will find the precious statue and pulled it just under the nose of the Wicked Witch. But to get to the extraction of the cave by yourself you would not have been able to if it did not come to the rescue of a winged woman, – the only surviving representative of a kind. The statue you will find a treasure map and set out on his quest. However, the forces of evil once again stand in your way and kidnapped flying beauty. McCoy and you need to save the girl and find the ancient treasure of her ancestors. And if you are not the timid, immediately hit the road, well, we do not dare to detain you.