Racing on the trucks
7 years
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This column invites KamAZ games for free, offering to test himself in the role of driver-class, capable of withstanding all weather conditions, time of day and to overcome vast distances and obstacles behind the wheel such an impressive machine.
The word comes from the abbreviation of KamAZ Kama Automobile Plant, which produces tractors, buses, large appliances, electrical and diesel engines with trucks. The launch of the plant was laid in the distant Soviet times, when the country was built in large residential buildings, companies, to construct railways, sea routes and airports. KamAZ trucks were designed to transport massive loads – building materials to construction sites and without them it is impossible to imagine such a scale. Until now, these machines could not find a replacement and eventually modified freight only, and modern language – to make an upgrade. Now, in contrast to its predecessors, the new KamAZ have more maneuverability on the road, increased capacity, equipped with a navigation system and other useful functions necessary for their handling and control on the road.
When it was relatively quiet in terms of construction, people will be interested, and outside of work. Drawing attention to the ability of these machines, I had the idea to use them for racing and in 1996 in Russia began a new era, when the movement was born fresh in the sport. KAMAZ, participating in the rally « Dakar » is the winner eleven times, and there were even champions pilots repeatedly shown excellent results. And of course, that such a great idea simply could not be reflected in the virtual world and play free games KamAZ – is the result of developers of computer games.
Get ready to learn all the charm of management so complex and unwieldy vehicle that is not very maneuverable, but surprised other features. Simulations that mimic real competition looks really great. You can switch between the views of the sides of the face and the first to examine the current situation on the road. Sometimes the wheels fall rocks, fallen trees or to be crossing the bridge, a ford across the river, and other obstacles. Even if KamAZ has high traffic, it still is not omnipotent and can break down, get off the road, overturned. Also prevents poor visibility – snow, rain, fog or night. Ice on the road, too, prevents tire adhesion to the road, forced to reduce speed and to be extremely cautious. If you consider that you're not coming empty, the heavier the load the car and can cause skidding. If you turn over, luggage may spill over and become damaged, which threatens to further problems. Game Kamaz simulator closest to life, and therefore have to fight with little real trouble, but quite a few positive aspects.
Flash games online KamAZ will suit those who want to put the record in a short time and does not wish to be distracted by the intricacies of driving – management instrument, shifting gears. Such toys are launched quickly and lead to the final, giving you the position portion of a drive, adrenaline, excitement. It is not that you do not have to fight the barriers, and lack of other jobs, which means that you risk nothing, referring to the mini-games. But in a short time a few options available to taste the fun.