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religion says that God created the heavens and the earth and all living and non-living in this world. In fact he created the whole world, to finally come up with us – people and to give us his creation. Pundits – people with faith in a harsh materialism, take a different view of the emergence of forms of life and the dead mother. They teach us about the gradual transformation of certain elements into more complex forms through their connections. This happened millions and even billions of years, has not yet adopted a more sophisticated form. And these perfect shape? We – contemporaries, it seems that we live in a perfect time, we are able to think logically and sensibly, make discoveries, to build something out of scrap materials, or come up with new, as yet unknown nature. But how do we know that the tree should be as it is, what it is now? Maybe this is just one of the stages of its development and it will take a few million years, until it takes the form conceived by him. And who said that the reservoirs have taken their final line of the beach, underwater inhabitants do not change, and land animals is not ready to turn into something more universal?
You will alchemy game play and understand the mysteries of life, the foundations of the universe and ideas of the divine nature. Why is it called alchemy? Yes, because it was the representatives of the pseudo-scientific direction for centuries tried to get to the most important question that tormented people for centuries: how do we come from? The same question is asked of all children at a certain age, although it put a little subtext. By combining different elements, alchemists searched for a cure for diseases of old age elixirs, cocktails eternal life and, of course, the Philosopher's Stone – the most coveted discovery, among others. It was said that he is able to give its owner incredible abilities, to ensure the health, knowledge, and give a lot of gold, making it everything that comes in contact.
The alchemists were persecuted church, though secretly priests themselves arranged secret laboratory, where a priest, risking cater to the fire of the Inquisition. Philosopher's Stone has remained a legend, but as far as chemical compounds, these discoveries are no longer regarded as something magical and went to the section of the official science. Since the chemistry is now studying in the school, we can without fear of incurring the wrath of the righteous clergy, play free games alchemy and create your own little world of plants, animals and minerals. Despite the fact that there are several similar toys, they differ from each other only in a variety of capacities. Dragging per cent of the playing field the various components, you get a response and see what will come out as a result. As soon as your list of items to grow, expand your capabilities, too, because the newly formed can also take part in further experiments.
Free Games alchemy turn you into little gods with the ability to engender new life. It is amazing to see how such simple things as water, fire, earth and air, there is something completely fresh and shall, in turn, participate in the further transformation! Here you already have a zipper, clay, ice and fog. Then you have the simplest bacterium DNA, algae, then the first land plants and animals. By connecting a plurality of components, you invent the wheel, hourglass, glass and brick. Indeed, Alchemy online game, it's so cool game that before it even adults will not stand!