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Games Gravity Falls

Magic game Gravity Falls in the enchanted town Based on the Disney-cartoon series created by game Gravity Falls, entertaining original humor, endowed with mysticism and adventure. Since the release of the first players watching fun novelties revenues. Today's collection is significantly expanded, and along with a walker, you can play: • Medicine • Dress • Racing • Sports Toys • Puzzle • Search for items in the pictures I'm sure you know the story of twins Pines Mabel and dippers, who decided to go on a summer vacation to spend a great-uncle, whom they call Uncle Stan. The town of Gravity Falls is located in Oregon, and nothing remarkable is not allocated – thought so guys, going to visit. The only attractive institution belongs to Uncle – tourist center with an interesting name "Shack Wonderland", which includes rides and souvenir shop. First Dipper and Mabel's sister missed, but one day, walking in the forest, the boy found the diary without the author, but marked "3". Having started studying it, he realized that Gravity Falls conceals amazing mysteries and inhabited by unusual creatures. The book talked about the wonders and secrets of metamorphoses that occur here. Now the goal of brother and sister – found the notorious author and unravel the mysteries of the city. Someone who lives in Gravity Falls? The history of the main characters will be incomplete if you do not meet with the other inhabitants of the mysterious town. • Dipper – Mabel's brother, and both 12 years old. The young man passionate about books and studying with passion found a diary. He restrained, and this makes it a bit more mature, and therefore it is logical that he takes care of his sister. • Mabel – sister Dipper, but his complete opposite, because likes to have fun and dream. • Stanley Pines –, the owner of "Wonders of the huts." Under his shop, he develops an unusual mechanism, but his secret is discovered. • Grenda and Candy – best friends Mabel. • Wendy Kordroy saleswoman working in the gift shop. She is 15-year-old daughter of a woodcutter, whose indifferent Dipper. • Robby Vee – youth up to his ears in love with a girl Wendy. • Zus (full name – Hezus) Ramirez – involved in repairing equipment and other damage in the shop Stanley. • Gideon Gliful 10-year-old already cherishes ambitious plans, hoping to seize the "Hut of Miracles." He is the true enemy of the family Pines, and owns another unique diary, which flaunts the number "2". • Mack Gakket – a homeless old man who lives at the dump Gravity Falls. • chubby – cute pig, which Mabel won at the fair. The mysterious and enigmatic begins Especially impressive variety of mystical and filled games Action Gravity Falls. Heroes are constantly in different parts of the city, explore the huts, wander through the enchanted forest, facing the unknown. The difficulties and dangers of the twin bravely overcome to find the necessary items and solve the next puzzle. Exciting quests prepared for the game Gravity Falls free, and it's time to follow the characters, helping them in the missions. Sometimes it is necessary to control two characters at once. They trust you to make the next step no matter what waited ahead. It happens that the dangerous area before her sister, and my brother can go straight, but not to give Mabel die, he also makes a rapid leap. Gathering half stars, they can dive into the vortex funnel time to start a new path. With the participation of the brave brothers and sisters to collect puzzles, play sports, fly through the forest and play dress up games Gravity Falls.