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This is not a duck – is a game Hleboutki

To spirits rose, and evening was amazing, you just have to play the game Hleboutki. Under such a unique and great title lurks a fascinating, funny stories residents Utkograd and Bydysch and ShlepShlep – the most famous and popular of its inhabitants. Their popularity lies in the ability oven delicious bread rolls, baguettes, donuts and buns. Baking ducks out at the city is absolutely amazing, and because friends tend In the morning drive around all the friends, so treat your culinary creations, these birds is difficult not to fall in love.
Games Hleboutok not only entertain and educate the kids, and for which they were invented stories. Fun told how important it is to be kind, sympathetic and generous. The idea is for computer products taken from the animated series, which started in 2014, and is intended for children to read. But as adults they like interesting toys, they also love games Hleboutki play for free while enjoying the excitement that they give.

Begin pleasant acquaintance

Who are these Bydysch and ShlepShlep and who still lives in the glorious city Utkograde? The population here is quite bitty and meet him.

  • of the two leading characters very original appearance, as you guessed, the name and ShlepShlep Bydysch. They are funny, kind, sympathetic and caring. If you need help, it will certainly friends, and even your buns in the morning to hand out to citizens – their calling.
  • Rambamboo noticeable from a distance due to the coloring of the orange color, and the teaching of driving is at the first place.
  • T-Midi. If you have not seen before owls in a tuxedo, it's time to admire. Attire gives confidence, because the nature of the owl coward.
  • Mr. Stork Pumps real merchant. He flies his own tavern "Fire trucks" that love and ShlepShlep Bydysch.
  • Magic Bread is from the toaster, if properly rubbed her hips.
  • always slobbering funny frog with a funny name Jelly.
  • The Mechanic goose Ketta ceremony will repair any damage to the jet van.
  • to master in the town

    It is so nice to be in the thick of things that develop Hleboutki games online for free. Then the chase, snowboarding, battle for the harvest, race and fascinating quests with heroic deeds, football and fun Christmas party.
    Even in a quiet corner of an emergency, but if you close the main characters, all perfectly finished. Make an effort with them, you can do it with the gravity and complexity, and the dragons fireballs or you are not afraid. With fire-breathing better not to get involved, and drag stones quietly. And in order to dodge the flaming balls reach speeds on the van and try not to run into obstacles.
    Do not be afraid to go to a difficult mission, because the game can be played online Hleboutki even the youngest gamers. Fun endowed with kindness and with your help run victory. Management of simple toys, which will manage and those who are just mastering the virtual world. Interestingly, the older players also will not be bored, and helping friends with tasks, you can learn useful skills – dexterity, logical thinking, ingenuity, care.
    To complete the fun to end, try to keep the entire life-hearts. With a loss, you lose them one by one, but can move on. However, with the latest vanished life comes to an end game.
    Now go in the path of the jet in the van with Bydyschem and ShlepShlepom, because the townspeople were tired of waiting rosy buns.